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Animal Hospital

Wildlife Services

Veterinary Services & Animal Hospital

We offer personalized and professional care for all animals. With our state of the art hospital, our dedicated team can be relied upon to deliver exceptional service with compassion.

Pangolin Protection

The pangolin is the planet's most trafficked animal. Invincible in the bush; these shy and endearing creatures are extremely vulnerable to humans. Once a pangolin is spotted, it can simply be picked up and carried away into the sinister world of wildlife trafficking.

Did you know?

  • The Temminck's Ground Pangolin has a gestation period of around 139 days.
  • Nurses from it's mother for 3 to 4 months and starts eating termites after a month.
  • Lives with it's mother until it reaches sexual maturity around 2 years, whereupon it leaves its mother and starts living on its own.
  • Lifespan is unknown, but research suggests 20-30 years.
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Provet Wildlife Services
& Animal Hospital

Dr Peter Rogers and his team at Provet Wildlife Services have been dedicated to the health and safety of our treasured wildlife in the greater Hoedspruit area for over 20 years.

Dr Rogers registered his private practice in 1995 and practiced privately in his free time, while he was employed by the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. He fully pursued the next thrilling step in his illustrious career, in 2001, from his small practice in Kampersrus, mainly focusing on wildlife but, also attending to the many companion animals and livestock in the surrounding area. Soon the need for a larger and more accessible practice prompted Dr Rogers to move his practice to Raptors Safari Junction, in the town of Hoedspruit in 2003.

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South Africa

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